Be Full !!

As I type this post, I have to admit I’m spent. It’s a good feeling to be honest, but it’s also exhausting. I brought this upon myself. You see, I had the opportunity to spend the entire day out in the sun working in my yard. It was the first time since Winter and I loved it !!

I don’t know how you’ve been feeling lately, but feeling completely wiped out clears one’s head. Do you notice what most people say when you ask them how things are? The vast majority of them say, “I’m busy.” There’s never really a definition of what that means other than they apparently have a ton of things on their mind or taking up the majority of their focus.

Now, I know it’s just a word, but when I hear that people are “busy,” I hear a negative tone behind it. It seems that when you’re busy you have things that “have” to get done even though you may not enjoy doing them. Being busy also implies that you are overwhelmed and feel that others don’t share your sentiment. It’s the feeling that no one could be as busy as you are !! Having this approach is a bit daunting. The reason for it being daunting is that EVERYONE is busy !!

Full GlassA few years ago, I changed my answer when people asked me how I was. If you ask me, my answer is – “I’m full !!”  It’s true. I am. I take the chance to fill my life up every single day with things that are positive, challenging and interesting.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things that fill up my life that I’d like to change. I get upset too often and frustrated more than I should. I watch too much TV and don’t eat as well as I should. Those are facts that I can work on. They could be things that pull you down, but they don’t have to be.

To be honest, I think I could even add a few more things in to make my life even more full. You aren’t any different. Your life is full too !! The question you have to ask yourself is – Do you like what your life is filled with ??

The same is true for HR. Most HR folks I know always share how busy they are. When I hear this I can sense frustration and angst that surrounds their view of what they do. The thing that people don’t see is that if you keep the “busy” mentality, you’ll never enjoy HR because you’ll always be chasing after the things you don’t enjoy doing.

It’s time for you to become full instead !! Take the time to review what you’re doing and strip away those things that pull you down. I understand that all work has it’s purpose. How you approach it is key !! Get full and see how your day goes instead.

The next time someone asks you how you are . . . tell them you’re full !!

10 thoughts on “Be Full !!”

  1. Steve – this is a good answer to the question “How are you”. It gives people the opportunity to open a dialog with each other.

  2. Interesting thoughts my man! Having been retired for nearly two years, it is frequently I ask myself, how did I have time to work? Over the years I was one of those people who couldn’t say “No” when asked to volunteer, SHRM, Western & Southern Tennis Tournament, playing competitive tennis, coaching my daughters in a variety of sports and the usual helping people when they needed it.

    Along the way I read articles and talked to people who retired and their advice was to find things that you enjoy to do and do them! I have taken their advice and as the old saying goes, “I am living the dream”! Teaching at Sinclair Community College is a blast and that coupled with a few consulting assignments and “mentoring” gigs my days are full up. Trying to pay back some of the time I gave to others and helping my wife with some projects that I have put off for years is also in the mix. Another great way to stay busy is to have five grandchildren in a variety of sports and other activities. Having four ball games with three different grandsons in two days brings on another level of challenge!
    Keep the good thoughts coming roomie!

    The opportunity to help and serve are great motivators and the joy I get from them “keeps me full”.

  3. With HR it’s kind of a vicious cycle. HR are ‘full’ because they are starved. Budget, resources, time. I think the quality of the work you are doing is when you are ‘full’ if it is good quality work, when it is not . . . we are all just ‘busy’. Thx for sharing Steve

  4. I love Enthusiastic, Happy people who share feelings and positive insight on enjoying our lives each day. Thank You!

  5. Wow I never realized how my “I’m busy” answer maybe coming out. Personally like for my glass to be “full”. I’m going to try saying I’m full to others and see what kind of conversations I can strike up, thanks Steve!

  6. Excellent perspective and insight to a common question Steve. Often times the comment is made without any real thought of our response. Giving the answer of busy can also be an easy excuse to do nothing.

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