Guess what I got for Christmas ??

Announcing the blog launch from a person who is in HR on purpose !! A different forum which promotes HR strategically and as an integral function in today’s business world.

My family is different from most in today’s society (in a good way).  You see we actually like each other, enjoy getting together and look forward to time catching up and sharing what’s happening in our lives.

Ten years ago, our family started a Christmas “tradition” where the adults and kids were supposed to make something for someone, give something to a charity in their name, or regift something you liked from the other family (like an heirloom or something that had deep meaning to someone).

My amazing sister-in-law, Kathi Browne, had my name this year, yet there wasn’t a gift for me under the tree. I was curious because the tree was inordinately full even though each year we say we’re going to “cut back.” When my turn came to open my gift, Kathi opened her laptop and showed me my Twitter handle as a URL . You see, my sis-in-law gave me a blog !!  How cool is that?

I’ve had people mention that I should do this someday, and many of you have been kind enough to let me be a guest on your great blogs.  I appreciate  you letting me get my feet wet.

Now, I guess I’ll be out here with you.  I’m just getting started and I’m sure that I’ll be reaching out to others to have them guest here as well.

It’s a great way to start 2011 !!  Let’s see what happens . . .

17 thoughts on “Guess what I got for Christmas ??”

  1. Steve: Hey buddy, I’m so excited you’ve got your own personal blog. I will commit to reading it as much as possible in 2011, no promises after that… H-N-Y! Bryan – PS. Your sister-in-law is beyond cool to give a blog for a gift!

  2. Congratulations Steve. I look forward to some great content coming from you this year. And keep that family thing going, it sounds like it is working well for the entire Brown clan!

  3. This. Is. Just. AWESOME!

    I’m so glad you’re up and running with a shiny new blog! I love the title and the tag line too and look forward to seeing how this helps you to grow personally and professionally too!

  4. What an awesome Christmas gift, Steve!

    I am glad to see you join in the HR blog group. Can’t wait to read your posts.

    Have a great 2011!


  5. Steve, I counted and realized you wrote 2 posts for me this year. In addition, I wrote three posts about you, HR Roundtable, your amazing role as a steward leader in Cincinnati, and the HR Community. I recollect that day you tweeted me as asked if we could talk on the phone. I was honored that you asked me for advice. It was a joy to share my wellspring of enthusiasm about twitter. It is a truly interactive medium that put me in touch with thought leaders, and HR & Social Media colleagues around the world.

    I met amazing people. I attended the first HRevolution (and the second). I attend ERE & SourceCon as a sanctioned blogger, and was a track leader at TruUsa, all of which were the result of blogging & twitter. I’ve made the most amazing friends. I’ve butted heads with a few, but love them all the more for it. Blogging & Twitter has afforded me the opportunity to find my voice (my real voice, the one that speaks for a deep stream of consciousness) because when I blog, I get into “the zone.” Cathartic words flow from my finger tips.

    Often, I comb the web for interesting research to write about, and sometimes I just spout my opinions and editorialize about the industry related issues I observe. Most of all, I try to be useful, helpful, and provide insight. Sometimes, it’s like therapy.

    I go through periods where I write prolifically. I go through periods where I only write once a week. But, when I’m on a roll, I just write, and write and write. Then I schedule the content to be released at different times throughout the month. I recently read where Glen Cathey wrote a months worth of content (he put it on auto pilot) I thought…Wow…Amazing. Kris Dunn told me once that he wrote on the weekends, but planned content for every day…again Wow. I respect, admire what he, and Josh LeTourneau, and the incredible folks at Fistful of Talent do.

    I load blogs into my google reader, and find so much wonderful content that inspires me, motivates me, educates me, and really makes me want to be better.

    You are one of those people Steve. Your work touches my heart. You are a man with an incredible soul. You are the reason LaRosas has such a hip organization culture. The compassionate hr that your organization executes, the charitable work your organization does in Cincinnati, in our schools, and for our Food Bank inspires me.

    Welcome to the world of bloggers. I hope you’ll still guest post for me from time to time. You are totally going to be on my blog roll. In fact, I’m adding you as soon as I’m finished writing.

    How will I remember Steve Browne? As the man who stuck his hand out to me when I was down trodden, patted me on the back, and made me feel like an important member of the HR Community. I will never forget your kindness to me when I was a hurting pup. I’d just lost my Mother. I closed The Paw Spa, and after a 3 year absence from human resources, and working as a corporate trainer and outplacement consultant…you welcomed me back to the occupation where I spent most of my career. Sometimes people forget to thank those who shined a light on their path. Your HR Roundtable re-acquainted me with my former colleagues, and within a matter of months, it was as if I’d never left the industry. I was back in full-swing. I have you to thank for helping me with my resume, meeting me, and introducing me to people you know.

    Thank you Steve Browne for giving me hope when I needed it most, for providing me with resources, information, people and opportunities that set me on my path, and for being a servant leader that many of us can thank. I think most people in Cincinnati are 6 degrees of Steve Browne. Most of us can point to you as one of the people that either helped them start, continue, or reacquaint them to the occupation.

    People on Twitter just have no clue how important you really are to HR in Ohio. When I think of about who I would consider HR Royalty in Cincinnati, Ohio…two people come to mind. You and Jennifer McClure. One more thing before I close… You, and all my HR friends in Cincinnati OH are the reason we won “Best HR City” on hrhappyhour. You are one of the many reasons 513 Rocks.

    I luv u man….

    Margo Rose
    Founder of HireFriday
    Social Media Community Manager for ICUC & AMC Theatres

  6. Steve,

    I am glad that you have your own blog! I will definately look forward to what you have to share on a day to day basis!


  7. well it’s about time! and if blogging were a competition, we fellow bloggers would now be trembling in our boots. can’t wait to see what you have to say. i’ll make sure i add you to my blogroll after you get some content. good luck!

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