Anarchy + Lava Lamps = HRevolution !!

I hope you had a chance to see the post from my HRevolution partner and co-facilitator, Jason Lauritsen, on Monday.  We are conversing between blogs to share some thoughts, insights and give a bit of a hint as to what our session will bring to Atlanta.

You see, I’m relatively “new” to the whole social media platform thing.  Even though I’ve been in HR for, let’s say “many” years, I was behind the many voices who are going to be attending #HRevolution this year.  I knew many of the folks who had signed up through Twitter and/or Linked In, but I don’t know many of them personally.  In fact, I relied on Jennifer McClure – a fellow Cincinnatian – to get me more involved in the “space.”

When I got the call from Jason to get to know each other better, I was surprised a bit to have him ask me to consider present with him this year at HRev.  I’m a pretty laid back guy and love to meet strangers who dig HR.  So, let me answer his questions and pose a few of my own.

  • Why is it that you agreed to do a session at HRevolution with a guy you’ve never met?
  • I have this odd trait about me – I trust people immediately.  I don’t believe in “earning” trust – I believe in giving it first.  If you make people “earn,” you’re really just seeing if they fit your beliefs/filters/norms.  I honestly figured if you wanted to do a session with me, you had good intentions.  You also had been at HRevolution before and I liked your perspectives on your experience.

  • What are you hoping we can accomplish in our short session?
  • I hope we can accomplish three main things: (1) To have maximum interaction from the whole group to gather their thoughts and insights on our topic of how YOU can change HR, (2) to have people respond to a “call to action” and (3) laugh – a bunch !!

  • Most importantly, why do you invest so much of your time trying to impact HR pros?
  • I believe in our field.  I’ve never been a person to tear down HR.  I’ve been critical, but I think that people matter. This isn’t a cliche with me.  If people have met me, they know that I do everything passionately.  Someone has to believe in other HR pros.  I know I’ve had people who’ve been there for me, and it just seems natural to give to others. I’ve never done anything on a “small” scale.


    Enough about me . . . Here are my questions for you . . .

    1) Being that you, and others like you, are my “future” in HR – why stick with a field that others rip apart?

    2) What attracts you to stretching the boundaries of our field?

    3) Why should people even care about this session?

    I await your response . . . .

    4 thoughts on “Anarchy + Lava Lamps = HRevolution !!”

    1. Really looking forward to meeting both you and Jason IRL at HRevolution Steve. HR is rock solid because of folks like you two.

    2. I am so looking forward to this session! I too get tired of HR people letting others tear us down or beat us up. I mean, I do enough of that myself.. in a self-deprecating manner of course ;). And it’s easy to do because as a collective-group we SURE do have our quirks and foibles.

      But putting aside all the talk of changing the perception of HR or demonstrating our value (gack) or aquiring the dreaded seat-you-know-where, what it boils down to is individuals who are passionate, who take action and who SHOW what HR can be/do/accomplish. Enough with the talk – we need more action.

      HRev10, for me, was about concepts. I’m hoping to walk away from HRevolution11 with an action plan; some specific steps that I can take, once back home, to energize other HR pros in my community.

    3. Steve,

      I think it’s that passion part for me that makes a difference and why I stay in HR. As the world around changes, it is important that we as HR professionals be willing and able to do the same and not be viewed as simply a barrier to getting things done and prompt HR to be torn down.

      I look forward to this (and many other) presentations in Atlanta next month!

    4. Our field remains one that can make a difference and allows for a lot of exchange, latitude and creativity to figure out how to do this!

      Without change you remain the same, pushing the boundaries means moving forward. Driving a car from the back seat is tough.

      Bring an open mind and bring ideas!

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