Let’s go camping !!

The forecast said – High temperature 37, low 21 with a 90% chance of precipitation . . . makes you want to camp, doesn’t it ??

Well, that’s exactly what I did this past weekend.  You see, I’m very fortunate to be the Scoutmaster for Troop 941 in West Chester, OH.  My son is in the Troop and we went on our first campout of the year to go horseback riding with 23 other boys and 6 adults.

It was amazing !!  I love going on these weekend jaunts with my son and with the other kids.  I learn so much with them.  We laugh, tell stories, play tons on Euchre, and most importantly, I get to see people grow into adults right before my eyes.

Today, there is so much that can be daunting, tragic and even horrifying.  We continue to fill our days with junk when the majority of our “news” isn’t news at all.  When the lead in story is about some celebrity train wreck vs. the real human condition that all of us face, I can see how we get cynical.

But I digress . . .

From Friday to Sunday I had no cell coverage, no Twitter, no Linked In, no e-mail.  However, I had EVERYTHING I needed and more.  To hear my son recount the exhilaration of his first ride on a horse, Zeus, was better than any distraction I fill my life with.  To sleep in the cold, to eat fresh meals cooked in a dutch oven from recipes my son found, to sing I’m a Little Teapot at a campfire to the tune of We Will Rock You by Queen, and to have kids pick you to imitate during Adult Impersonations – phenomenal.

In the midst of all that is going on around us, I have to ask . . . do you enjoy yourselves?  Are you taking time to take everything in?  Do you see the miracles that happen literally everyday with the people you work with?

Or, are you too busy rushing to check that next e-mail, make sure you get that next appointment entered into Outook, while ignoring the great people you work with so you make sure YOUR needs are being met?

When my son and I got home on Sunday, I collapsed from the full weekend.  My body isn’t as young as it used to be.  But, I collapsed full of joy and great experiences !!

Here’s my challenge to those of you kind enough to even read my blog – take time to enjoy what life brings you !!  Ask the person you work with what they did this weekend and  . . . stay there long enough to really take in what happened !!  Quit ignoring all that is good going on all around you.

Now, I have to get recharged.  We camp again in 2 weeks (and I can’t wait !!)

6 thoughts on “Let’s go camping !!”

  1. Great post Steve. Your zest for work, life, family, and colleagues (old and new) is a great inspiration to me. I love posts that challenge me to act, in addition to making me think. Once again you’ve hit the mark.

  2. Very wise words! I am taking your challenge and I am asking my staff to also take the challenge! Thank you for reminding me what is important in life. Sometimes we all loss site of that!

  3. Hi Steve – thanks for sharing and letting us into your life. I have learned, but not mastered the art of appreciating what you have. I was speaking to my sister on the phone last night and as I spoke to here I told her I can’t believe how blessed I have been and how lucky I am.

    My sons have grown up and are on their own, but I truly look forward to getting to spend time with them, and that is a result of having done things with them, just as you did last weekend.

  4. Steve,

    I loved your blog, and it brought back many memories with my son and daughter camping since they were little ones. Last summer while home from school my son asked me if we could go camping, so we reached out to some of the dad’s and kids that are now adults that we camped with and guess what? Everyone showed up and we had the best time re-telling the stories of the times we had and made some new ones. It is really a gift that gives far longer that any electronic device or TV show could ever give to our kids and family.



  5. Let’s go camping indeed! It’s such good fun to be outside, disconnected from technology and connected with good friends. We camp several times each year with a lovely group of friends whcihy ebbs and flows gently depending on who is around and who fancies the trip. And once a year we have a bigger camp – around 150 of us come together in late June to enjoy each other and entertain each other. For more years than I can recall I have had the pirivilege of kicking things off with a guitar and a microphone and a bundle of raw nerves. This annual acticity pushes me way outside my comfort zone and it’s a wonderful challenging buzz. Camping rocks on so many levels!

    I’m a big fan of learning what other folks did on their weekend, it’s a nice way to help people feel more a part of a community than a process.

    What a lovely post – Cheers Steve!

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