Blogs, Blogs Everywhere There’s Blogs !!

The amazing Five Man Electrical Band left their indelible mark on musical history with their one-hit classic – Signs.  The lead singer is struggling with signs all around him telling him “do this, don’t do that,” and it struck a chord with me.

You could say the same today with blogging.  Everyone is encouraged to get their voice out there, and to do it through a personalized blog.  Don’t get me wrong, I love blogs and my Google Reader is packed with amazing work from people I respect both in HR and in business in general.

What has been puzzling me lately is  . . . what do YOU, the reader, want to read?

You can read one post on a site that encourages you to do things one way, and another will come out a week later completely opposite of what you just read.  How can someone cut through the “noise” of what’s being written?  Or, should you cut through it?

I’ve been guilty of tweeting and retweeting blogs as much as anyone else.  However, I don’t cast out the “Hey, read this” button until I’ve read the post myself.  I have my faves and some get my attention every time they post.  The filter I use before sharing it though is that I take in that person’s perspective and do my best to learn something from it.

So, what do you like to see?  I’m not going to embed a survey for this.  I’d like you to leave comments.  List what you like from topics, themes, etc.  You can even list your favorite blogs and bloggers.  I’m open.

As an HR pro, you should be active in learning more and taking in what’s new.  I encourage you to read several blogs from the areas that interest you.  You never want to be stale.

So, lay a comment out here on the site and let me know.  I’d like to make sure that you’re not just being “told” things from my blog.  I know my friends would like to hear what you have to say too !!

10 thoughts on “Blogs, Blogs Everywhere There’s Blogs !!”

  1. Steve,

    Good question. I think it’s a balance when it comes to personal blogs about what you want to write about and what your audience wants to hear. I did a reader survey last fall and the majority of my readers wanted to hear personal stories not business from me on my blog. That really surprised me because my blog is centered around business with small hints and stories for the business professional. And so Rayanne and I have tried to use that survey information and share even more personal stories throughout our blogs giving the reader something that can’t get from journalistic publications and newspapers.

    Keep up the good work, Steve!


  2. Love this post Steve. I have a l o n g list of blogs I follow, and love that they are different, challenging, and make me think. I don’t mind getting different perspectives on the same topic; in fact, I prefer it that way. Otherwise, I will become just another nodding head agreeing with the masses. Where’s the fun in that?

  3. I tried blogging once. It was not work related – more religious. It was such a horrible experience that I decided NOT to blog professionaly. Because of that experience, I only follow two blogs regularly – Everyday People and No Excuses HR. The content of constantly challeging me to think outside the box is what I crave. I don’t care for blogs that are not originial in their postings. Don’t just link to another website for your content… Keep up that great blog, Steve!

  4. I like blogs that challenge you to think and those that use personal stories to tell a human resource, leadership, motivational type lesson. I do not like the one’s that tell you what to do. “Don’t pursue you dreams” , “Go and do this.”
    If you you’re encourage me to do something, give me story, and tell me some compelling.
    Current Tops Blogs
    No Excuses, XPertHR, PerformanceICreate, TheBuzzonHR, JamieNotter,& TheCynicalGirl (makes me think, laugh and cringe)

  5. I want to read…..what catches my eye. I dip in and out of places and get a beautifully patchworked variety of stuff as a result. I pass by here a fair bit, and Jay’s place and quite a few over in the UK as well. I try not to get too fixed as I enjoy different perspectives. And as Chris suggests, stories rock. So does rock, rock rocks too!

  6. “Hello, my name is Lyn and I am an HR blog addict.” My favorite cravings include anything that is trench hr. I enjoy a case study wrapped in personal experiences and anecdotes. I also read a lot about how social media affects corporate culture as a communications/marketing platform. And I’m interested in social media policy as it relates to best practices both personally and professionally. Thanks Steve~ you rock!

  7. I’m just nodding my head – listening to Pumped Up Kicks….I seldom agree with the masses…Love Jay Kuhns and Steve Browne for their passion and energy. There is no one blog I read every day anymore. I count on my network from Twitter, FB and social in general to bring me the good stuff each and every day.

  8. I see lots of articles saying that the performance appraisals should be banned. I agree. But I have yet to see an article address how to do that in a corporate environment. Maybe you could write about a coaching model that encourages managers and employees to talk more about their performance instead of the treaded appraisal. You better hurry though…I plan to write about that too!


  9. Great topic Steve. I read HR blogs because of the different opinions and insights they provide. It gives me inspiration at work and as I write my own blog. The only negative is that I cannot get to read every good blog. I’m constantly finding new blogs but it is hard to keep up with it all!

  10. Hi Steve!
    Like many who have replied before me, I truly love to be challenged and made to rethink things about which I’ve become… complacent. (It’s often uncomfortable, too, but I’m really trying to be intentional about NOT being “comfortable” this year and focusing instead on growth opportunities!) Another blog I enjoy is Copyblogger, which gives content marketing advice to folks who want to drive traffic to their online businesses, blogs, etc. Although this is totally not related to what I do as an HR professional, I’m always finding good tid-bits that I can apply both professionally and personally. One of my favorites is “The Inigo Montoya Guide to Commonly Misused Words” (hysterical reference to The Princess Bride); check it out under “Popular Articles” in the Copyblogger blog section. It’s a fun read and it also schooled me on my grammar a little bit!!! Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it too! (See if you can find my “incorrectly used” word in the last sentence!)

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