A Little Piece of My Heart !!

This week has been one of transition.  My mother-in-law passed away at the age of 77 after a battle with Parkinson’s disease and dementia.  Also, a dear friend of mine, who I sang alongside in our church choir, passed away gracefully at the age of 89.  I doubt that few who read this blog know these two great people who impacted my life in tangible, meaningful ways.  I am thankful that I can celebrate their lives and what they meant to me.

These two people also had an impact on my amazing wife, Debbie.  I don’t mention her much on social forums because she’d prefer to be in the background.  You see, she is a perfect reflection of the quote from Jerry Maguire – she completes me.  She and I are almost complete polar opposites and everything I do poorly, she does well.  I don’t know how my life would look without her.  I don’t think it would be nearly as positive and great as it is because she so gracefully and effortlessly fills the voids and blind spots I have.

The majority of the people who touch our lives are more like my wife, my mother-in law and my friend from church.  They are meaningful to us individually and the sphere of who they’re connected to varies greatly.  Even though I may be personally connected to them, I may not be connected to the other amazing people who they know and interact with.

I want to take the time this week to share something that you may not know.  Just like these three wonderful people – you have a piece of my heart !!

Too often, we downplay the impact EVERY single person in our lives has.  We keep thinking that people only make an impact if they have visibility, notoriety or celebrity.  Sadly, many people keep chasing those shallow attributes of our society thinking it will give more substance and meaning to their lives.

Piece of My HeartYou need to know that YOU matter – at least to me.  I don’t take any interaction I have with any person lightly.  It may be the one and only time we ever cross paths.  That matters.  I may not personally see how this affects either your life or mine.  But, I know that because you came across my path and in my life – you impacted me and made a difference.

I don’t view life in the manner that most people do.  To me, the “humans” are key because my life is not defined by my profession.  It’s just what I happen to do.

The losses I experienced this week reminded me that I don’t take enough time to let people who are in my life know how much I value them.  I guess I assume they know, but that is a missed opportunity.  This is something so critical to all of us as people to communicate how people touch our lives.

Make sure to notice everyone you come across this week !!  Don’t ignore, brush off or move past some ONE to some THING you think is more important.

I don’t take our connection lightly.  The fact that you would take the time to read this blog as well as connect in person and/or socially drives me and fuels my passion for people more than you know !!

I’m glad you are a piece of my heart !!  I know that I am better because of it !!

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16 thoughts on “A Little Piece of My Heart !!”

  1. Thanks for the well worded thought of yours. usually we do miss people who has crossed our path and engaged with us in some form or other. thank you for reminding.

    1. It is always a sad time when a loved one passes. In time the sadness subsides, but the good memories last forever. May she rest in peace.
      You don’t know it but you…yes, you … personally have had a major impact on my walk. Thank you and be at peace.

  2. I’m sorry for your losses. The awesome thing is that each of these people live on in you and in the lives you touch. I think that’s the importance of connections. We all impact others and they impact others we may not even know. Funny how such a simple thing like meeting a person and crossing paths with them branches so far out like a pebble dropped in a pond with all the ripples it creates…….thanks for making me feel like a ripple in your pond!!!

  3. So sorry for your loss Steve on both your mother and good friend. I also agree with you in that reflecting on the life you have lived and living you have yet to do is important. Life is truly precious and it’s moments like these that remind you that it’s important to breathe and to live life to the fullest.

    For what it’s worth, I am also in a period of reflection as my father just passed. So in that respect, I’d like to say thank you for all that you do and have done for all of us. I’m honored to call you friend and priviledged to know you. Take care and keep up the good work!!

  4. Thank you for sharing your personal losses! My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Thank you for putting life in perspective for me. Your posts/blogs are always great! Have a great week.

  5. Hi Steve, my mom has just survived a heart attack and really tough struggle since with very high blood pressure making a stroke a risk. It has made me slow my pace, reprioritize my time and reflect better on the relationships and the quality of those relationships that really define us. My prayers go out to you, your wife, Debbie, and those loved ones of your church choir friend. Thanks for sharing so transparently.

  6. Steve
    What a lovely reminder of what really matters in life. Your mother in law and your dear Church friend are still here in the people (like you) who’s lives they touched. Something tells me they knew what they meant to you 🙂 Peace and prayers to you and your family in this difficult time.

  7. A profound write Steve. You have put into words what so many feel: the closeness of a true partner or good friend. The subtle changes in the quality of life due to the influence of others. The gratitude experienced by recognizing that. An actual “must-read” sir. Thank you.

  8. Traumatic and or significant changes in our lives often leads to introspection.

    First, I empathise with your loss; hang on to those unforgettable memories. Second, thank you for letting us know we hold a place in your life. This is even more special because this is being done out of genuine love and faith in the absence of real personal contact for the most part.

    You have impacted my life in a significant way, just by your sharing. I have had to face some changes in life that in, and of, themselves could be very depressing. I am, however choosing instead to recognize all the persons who have helped me to maintain my sanity at work, home, while commuting, shopping, etc. It may have been a compliment, a kind word, by placing a demand on me (helps me refocus and affirms my capabilities), or even by providing critique. Family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, co-workers, others and you Steve – thank you all.

  9. It goes without saying that you have my deepest sympathies during this time. It also goes without saying how amazing you continuously prove yourself to be as a human being. Thank you for reminding us of what is important.

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