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Recently, I’ve been trying to think of more ways to put resources in the hands of other HR pros. When I saw the recent post from Trish McFarlane on HR Bloggers as well as the new e-book from David D’Souza Humane, Resourced: A Book of Blogs, I wanted to chime in as well.

You see, I have this incredibly audacious goal !!  I want to see the ENTIRE HR community connected, informed and able to rock in their roles.  I desire to see the “social” HR folks connect with HR practitioners and vice versa.  I believe that the more we’re genuinely connected, then we can share the resources we enjoy in order to do a better job in Human Resources.

Feed Your HeadAlso, I’m a voracious reader who always yearns to learn.  There are so many great ideas, thoughts, concepts, trends and movements to be taken in.  Often, people shy away from information because they load in the filter of “Well, I can’t do that in my organization . . .” and they shut down.  If you do this, stop it !!  What company wants an HR person who only focuses on what can’t be done ??

What if you took the stance of, “I’m not sure if I can use this, but it’s important for me to learn about it.”  Who knows?  You may be able to take something from all you take in and apply it to your culture and situation.  How do you ever plan to change the norms in your organization if you continue to practice only what you know today?  If someone reading this uses the “I just don’t have time” excuse at this point, then just stop reading.

It is an opportunity to use your time differently, creatively and constructively !!  Wouldn’t you love to have that freedom everyday?  I do, and it is exhilarating !!

So, I wanted to put some folks out there in front of you and off the blog roll so that you can consider connecting with them and learning from them.  I do this each week when I send out the HR Net, and now I wanted to highlight some folks every so often to make sure you’re being exposed to folks I learn from !!

Paul HebertFirst up is Paul Hebert.  He works for a cool company called Symbolist.  Paul and I have known each other for years now and we chat often.  I learn from his blog writing as well as our deep conversations.  I mean that.  We say hello, ask about families and then jump in deeply to talk about all facets of HR !! He’s an incredible resource and you will enjoy how he looks at the human facets of engagement, culture and recognition.

Michael CartyNext is Michael Carty.  We’ve only known each other through social media, but I know that we share an incredible amount of similar likes (HR, Global HR and Rock Music) !!  Michael is the consummate curator and works for a phenomenal HR resource – XPertHR.  He hails from the UK and it is on my bucket list to meet in person sooner than later.  Michael is someone who has a pulse on the global perspectives in HR.  Whether it’s through his writing or in his compilations of tweets and blogs on Storify, he keeps others aware of a broad pallet of issues and trends.  He’s a phenomenal person (and resource) to know !!

This is just the start and I hope to feature more folks each month.  Make sure you’re getting more and more connected to the greater HR community !!  You’ll only be better for it !!


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