Please say “Thank You” !!

Sitting at my keyboard in my house on Labor Day, I am thankful that I have a holiday to spend with my family and recharge my batteries.  At a time when more and more people focus on what is wrong with our economy, our political infighting and world turmoil, I again am thankful for the day to gather my thoughts.

As I was on a morning walk today, I was reminded of something that I too often forget on days like Labor Day.  As I enjoy a holiday, there are thousands of people who are working today to serve others.  If you didn’t know, I’m an HR professional in the Restaurant Industry.  The company I work for, LaRosa’s, Inc., is a true iconic tradition in Cincinnati. Today, the majority of folks I work with will be at our restaurants serving people who so graciously choose to dine with us.

There are others who are working in gas stations, hospitals, retail locations, hotels, and more while others celebrate the holiday.  Ironically, most people take this service for granted and actually expect people to be there to meet their needs.  In fact, few people who use these services take time to say, “Thank You !!” to the people who are working while they enjoy their day off for the holiday.

This really needs to change.  I know that I hear stories of employees who don’t think their employer gives them feedback or thanks them for their efforts, and they hate it.  They should.  The lack of constructive feedback in the workplace is a shortfall that too many people encounter on a regular basis.

So, today when you’re enjoying the holiday and you go to purchase something at the hardware store to work on a home project, or you go grab a pizza at a restaurant – say “Thank You” to the people who are working today.  It is deserved and will go a long way into making our workplaces better each time someone takes the time to do it.  Have a great holiday !!


3 thoughts on “Please say “Thank You” !!”

  1. Steve,

    Thank you for the post and the attention to those who are working today. My own organization too has a fully staffed today as our clients require 24/7/365 support. I know every member of our executive management team is making at least one visit today to say thank you and provide a little treat to those covering shifts. I love the visits and being able to see the joys that many get from the everyday portion of their meaningful work.

    Happy Labor Day to you and the great pizza makers at LaRosas!

  2. When I pick my niece up from school, she’s 6 years old, she like to get a snack. Usually an ice cream cone or a 4 piece chicken tenders…here’s the point, at the drive in, I speak and interact with the person on the other side of the window.

    One day she asked me why do I talk to them, I told her “Because they are people too just like me and you. And they like interaction and thanks.” So my niece asked me could she say “thank you” once the attendant gave us the order. Of course I said yes.

    Who doesn’t want to be appreciated?

  3. Steve,

    Lately, I’ve found myself doing this whenever I’ve gone somewhere that I really needed the service. I was at a Wal-Mart one night, getting some milk and other things that we were out of. I thanked the cashier.

    And thank you again for hosting the HR Roundtable earlier this week! It was great to see you again. I learned some things about Talent Management, and I made some great connections with others.

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