What if . . .

What if HR took lessons from the Super Bowl and treated employees differently?

Like most of America, I was planted on my couch soaking in the spectacle that we loving call the Super Bowl on Sunday.  I saw some of the ridiculously long pre-game, anticipated the commercials and critiqued them, loved the back and forth play between the Steelers and Packers,  and watched in awe as the Black Eyed Peas performed the halftime extravaganza.  Hours of my day spent watching an event that honestly did little but entertain me – at times.

Sitting in my office on Monday, I began to wonder some comparisons between HR and the time/effort given to the Super Bowl.

What if  . . . HR was as excited and focused on cheering on their employees as fans are of their teams in the Super Bowl?

What if . . . HR loosened their grip on rules and let people freely express themselves like they do when they go to a football game? Face paint and all !!

What if . . . HR had a strategy that had employees playing like a team and understood that ALL of the members of the team were expected to contribute?

What if . . . HR coached the company’s employees based on their strengths and put them in roles that allowed them to excel and even win?

What if . . . HR itself expected the best in people and sought to make sure that they had all of the equipment, training and facilities in order to be their best everyday they came to work??

What if . . . HR took that approach that it’s a “championship” field to be in instead of looking for ways to tear itself down?

What if . . . HR knew that even if it comes into an organization as an underdog, that it can rally the staff to grow, compete and add value to the company?

Last Friday, one of our Team Members had a birthday.  Big deal, huh? You see, at my company when it’s your birthday, you bring in snacks to share with the office.  People usually bring in sweets, but Friday was different.  As I walked upstairs I smelled grills. The “snack” for this person’s birthday was that he made everyone in the office a fresh omelet to order !!  Seriously !!  It was phenomenal.

Here was someone who did something unpredictable, unconventional and unparalleled. He is a great Team Member from Finance that you’d never expect to do this.

He was a great example of “what if . . .”  So, HR, look at things in a new way.  See the greatness that works around you everyday.

Do you know what would happen if you did this ??  What if . . .

4 thoughts on “What if . . .”

  1. I love your energy Steve. Raising these issues, and then sharing them in the organization is how HR can make such a big difference. You become a role model when you not only discuss, but recognize these behaviors when they occur. As we know, that is how they will be repeated and eventually become part of the corporate culture.

  2. First of all…love the pic. I was trying to make out if that was you behind all the face paint!! These are great questions you raise. Sometimes we overthink things and make them bigger than they need to be. Anyone can make celebrating birthdays a part of their culture. Makes a huge difference and doesn’t require a “program”.

  3. Love it! Years ago I went to Lambeau Fields with a good friend Paul McEvoy who sadly is no longer with us. We froze our nuts off watching the Pack get stuffed by the Vikings. Green Bay was Paul’s team and he had every right to be disappointed. We’d travelled thousands of miles from London to watch a walloping. And Paul wasn’t disappointed. We had a great time in Green Bay – what a welcoming place.

    Just think how many hours of practice go into a performance like the Super Bowl. Sports people put in an amazing amount of hours practice for comparatively few hours performance. And what a performance. So yes – what if we could be bold enough to be a sports team. Encouraging people to practice and learn. And then – when the team needs to perform, get out of the way and let them. Team HR – we could rock and rule 🙂

  4. On every other Friday, it was customary to bring in fruit and/or cereal fixings for employees. It was a nice little perk. One Friday, I noticed that for the same money I could buy the fixings for a hot breakfast. Only difference was time to prepare. Whats a little time when it has a positive benefit. As soon as the aroma of scrambled eggs, waffles, and sausage began to waft through the air they all came running. How much time did I spend – not much because everyone wanted to spend a little time on the “grill” (actually an electric frying pan). No productivity was lost, everyone did short 15 min stints and we all are really good! What a great day it was! Try it – its a winner! HR does more than Rock – it Cooks!

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