Whole Lotta Love (for HR) !!

Too often people are tearing down HR vs. building it up. This needs to change now. If we did this, can you imagine what workplaces would be like?

When you think of Valentine’s Day, the first band that comes to mind is . . . Led Zeppelin of course !! 

These rock giants defined an all-out, unabashed approach to their music and they renewed the world of rock post-Beatles.  I’m a GIANT Zep fan and when I hear any song from them I just get jacked up (even their ballads.)

Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t a tribute to Led Zeppelin.  Instead, it’s a call for HR to be as all-in every time they approach their jobs and the field in general.  When I go to chapter meetings, roundtables, conferences or read the endless blogs that trash HR, I hear more voices joining in tearing down HR vs. building it up.

When was this ever a good approach to changing anything?  Seriously.  If we think, “Let’s all show why HR falls short, isn’t strategic and can’t get out of its way in the business world – then things are sure to change !!”

I was talking to Jason Lauritsen recently.  He’s a fellow HR practitioner and we were sharing that we want to take 2011, and beyond, to lift HR up and not tear it down.  It’s not to say that people can’t be critical, but give solutions not just gripes.  Also, we agreed that the human perspective of what we do can’t be buried in the HR/Corporate speak of metrics, ROI, synergy, etc.  Really, people don’t talk like that.

Jason and I have different approaches to HR with one common theme – PASSION !!

Passion is a word that isn’t supposed to be set aside for one day in February when everyone is “supposed to be” passionate because a card told you to.  We can’t expect employees to be engaged if we’re not passionate about them !!  It’s past time for HR to be passionate about what we do, how we influence people’s lives and how our work and perspective assist companies to move forward.  Mediocrity isn’t an option.  It never was.

The time is now to show a Whole Lotta Love for HR !!  What do you say? Are you in?

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9 thoughts on “Whole Lotta Love (for HR) !!”

  1. I agree Steve!

    When I am asked the question, “What career path should I take?” My answer is always, find what you are passionate about and apply that passion to a profession. If you do this it will never be just a job, and I believe you will succeed at a high level because you are passionate.

    I agree we should be passionate in HR if we want to have a positive effect on our employees and to contribute to our companies goals.

  2. Count me in. It would be a “Heartbreaker” if we couldn’t get all of HR friends behing this idea, leaving me “Dazed and Confused”. But anything short of a “Communication Breakdown”, it shoulk be a “Whole Lotta Love” for HR.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  3. I’m in! There’s so much good work being done by dedicated and yes, passionate, HR pros, let’s celebrate it!

  4. Steve,
    What a great article and thought! Clearly I am on board with the concept and thanks for sharing with your HR comrades in arms!


  5. Great post, Steve! I agree with the idea of lifting the HR profession up instead of tearing it down. I once had a very wise mentor who advised me to always offer solutions instead of just complaining about an issue. My husband and I have a saying in our house – we always need to search for ways to get better every single day. Moving forward is the key. Moving backwards (which is what tearing the profession down achieves) is not an option!


    Chrissann Ruehle

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