Don’t You Forget About Me !!

Over the weekend, I saw the new movie Pitch Perfect.  Part of me wanted to see it because I love comedies, but the other part of me wanted to see it because I was in a Show Choir – the Varsity Singers – during high school.  It seemed like a great combination, and I was right !!  (Make sure you see this flick !!)

What made it EVEN better was the reference to an essential movie that I lived through – The Breakfast Club.  I was surrounded by all of those characters in the movie, and let’s just say I could “connect” with Anthony Michael Hall.

The key theme in this legendary movie, was that these people didn’t even know each other until they were forced into a situation during detention.  Even then, they had incredible filters and stereotypes of what each person was like, or so they thought.  The Pitch Perfect movie plays on this by pulling together another unlikely group of people together to make an amazing team !!

Too often, as HR professionals, we want to group people together in our organizations instead of celebrating their individuality.  We’re concerned that if people don’t “play by the rules” or “fit in,” then they’ll surely be trouble makers.  Also, in the classic closing song by Simple Minds, the lyrics remind us not to “forget” people.

Organizations tend to reward, promote and recognize those that are the most vocal and visible.  The people who may be the true talent who underpin those that are public are often relegated to anonymity.  Since they never speak up, we are okay with it.

This needs to change.  ALL employees have the opportunity to add value.  ALL employees !!  These great, unmined talents need someone to take note of who they are and not “forget” them.  This is squarely upon our shoulders as HR people.

I’m not talking about the exercise where everyone shares on every answer during a meeting or training session.  I’m talking about seeking these employees out intentionally and giving them our attention to let them know that they matter !!

So, this week, be like the end of The Breakfast Club !!  Break down the filters, seek out the greatness that works all around you and lift them up !!  They’re waiting for you !!


3 thoughts on “Don’t You Forget About Me !!”

  1. Hi Steve – great point. I think this is why I’m so strongly drawn to a conversational approach with the consultancy work I do. Quieter, more reflective voices need a different space and approach in order to feed their best ideas etc into the pot. A town hall meeting suits management because they think they are getting their point across to many people but – the lack of intimacy and the tendency for the loudest voices to speak up means often – these situations don’t yield as much benefit as they could, were people given the time to talk in much smaller groups and share their thoughts with each other and then subsequently the wider group. And for sure, seeking these people out with intent is very powerful – and it’s very often hugely appreciated.

  2. Interesting analysis. I certainly saw Breakfast Club and enjoyed it immensely.
    Haven’t see Perfect Pitch, but i too was in choir and glee club. Actually I thought the movie was about baseball.


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