Become a Contrarian Craftsman !!

You have to know that I’m incredibly passionate about HR !!  I’m really passionate about most things actually.  Most of the blogs, conferences and resources out there are incredible in their observations, perspectives and approaches.  You can get people geeked about something pretty easily, but what people want is how they can apply what they read and learn in their everyday roles.

Too often we lack tools to apply the great things we learn.  That’s about to change !!  I how that you are a voracious reader as an HR professional.  It’s a needed attribute because you can stay current and relevant in the field.  My newest “find” to do that is something that gives you applicable tools as well.

Lean HR BookYou need to pick up Dwane Lay‘s new work – Lean HR !!

“Lean” is not a new concept by any means, but it IS a fantastic and unique approach to Human Resources.  Dwane takes the tools that have been traditionally used in manufacturing and shows how they can bring efficiency and reduce waste in HR.

The concept of reducing waste is SO needed in HR !!  Don’t think so?  There are so many layers of unnecessary tasks that it would take thousands of blogs to even try and capture it all.  I can remember in one of my roles where a company had an 8 page coffee making policy !!!  Eight pages !!  Not to mention a policy to make coffee !! Don’t even get me started on my wife’s company who has a current 10-page dress code policy !!

One of the key things that Dwane starts off with is the ability to be a contrarian – a person who takes an opposing view on things.  His reasoning is that you need to be comfortable in asking “Why?” and that is something that usually annoys us.  However, it’s key to be able to look at things from many vantage points to see if it can be done more efficiently.  This is where the cool tools come in !!  They are very understandable and you can use the data that exists around you.

I love this book and it’s a double bonus that I know the author !!  He’s an incredible resource and has introduced a work that will truly transform HR and give us a new method to make us the business partners that we long to be.  You’ll make HR a craft like it deserves to be instead of a field where you feel like you face constant obstacles.

Make sure to get a copy and start eliminating the waste that so desperately needs to be eliminated !!  You’ll be glad you did !!