Come Together !!

I don’t know about you, but I’m geeked about the upcoming State SHRM Conference season !!  Now, some of you reading this think that this will launch into either a “pro” or “anti” SHRM post.  Sorry to disappoint you.  This is just to get you excited about doing something that ALL HR professionals should do . . . get involved and get professional development !!

I saw some tweets this last week that were highlighting the upcoming #ILSHRM and #INSHRM conferences and someone was comparing these two great events.  They both look great !!  I’m also excited to see HR Florida and Wisconsin SHRM !!  You know that I’m extremely geeked about our own #OHSHRM too !!

It doesn’t make sense to compare and contrast these events.  What matters more is that HR comes together as a profession.  We spend so much time picking things apart that we miss the outstanding things that events like these provide.

I am anticipating the tweets and posts that will emanate from all of these conferences.  I’m not able to attend all of them, but I can “participate” through the great speakers, social media forums and blogs.  We need to continue to seek ways to bring our profession together because we will have more strength and relevance in the business community if we do this.  There are still WAY too many HR professionals who continue to fight the good fight on their own.

Let’s change this !!

All next week, reach out to someone in HR you know who isn’t connected.  That could be connected to peers, connected through HR chapters, or connected on Social Media.  Then, connect them !!  We can’t break the “echo chamber” that people contine to write about without action and being intentional.

The reality of seeing hundreds of HR pros at State Conferences excites me !!  I think it should excite you too !!

5 thoughts on “Come Together !!”

  1. Excellent points Steve. I agree that comparing the events is not an easy thing to do. In my time as a volunteer leader within the ILSHRM structure, there has been an air of competition between state events and even a feeling that SHRM, at times, looks at the state events as competition for their annual conference. Over the last year, I have come to the firm belief that we need to change that attitude, at all levels, from competing to cooperating and collaberating. The stronger we make one, the stronger they all get. I am one state conference director that welcomes all interaction between other state conference directors and hopefully, more support from SHRM HQ.

    Let’s build each other up to make all better.

  2. Steve. Great post. I too will be geeking the state conference social media stream. Though I plan to attend the TN State conference. We are just ramping up at MTSHRM with an education sweep about how social media can help us look nationally for inspiration as well as to inspire. That is the attitude we must take to build a stronger more cohesive SHRM. Though I think healthy competition is good. Heaven knows we have it state-wide here. Thanks for your awareness.

  3. Steve, this is the one thing I wish I had prepared better for; the conferences. As you know, I am relatively new to the HR online Social Media community, and I hope to attend a couple of these next year. They sound fun and informative..Have fun guys!

  4. The Il and Fl HR folk appear to have developed great community. Their conventions make HR sound social, strong and focussed. I only hope the MA-RI-CT can learn to do the same.

  5. I love coming together! Thanks for capturing the essence of connecting people in this post, Steve. Hope to see friends and make new ones at the TN SHRM State HR Conference this year.

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