Knowing Others . . . On Purpose !!

I’m about to disconnect for the next week as I head with my son and Troop 941 to Summer Camp.  It’s one of the best things I do each year !!  It allows me to take in nature, be around great kids/adults and meet others that I never would have known before !!

It made me think of something that has been happening more and more often.  I LOVE networking with folks !!  I have this huge capacity to try to connect with as many people as humanly possible.  That’s just how God wired me.

I do this a bit differently than I’ve seen others lately doing somethings I’d love to see change.  I wanted to encourage each of you who are kind enough to read this blog to try something when it comes to this “networking” thing . . . be intentional !!

I get a ton of Linked In requests each week.  It’s cool because, like I said, I love connecting with people.  However, most of the requests I get use the standard line from the platform.  It says that we’re “friends” even though we’ve never met, and there’s no reason given why someone wants to connect.  I find this intriguing !!

I always send a note giving a reason for someone to consider if they want to accept, if they want to connect, or why we should try to do this !!  I do this on purpose because if you’re willing to be a connection, then you need to know that you just entered into a relationship that will be fully intentional.

Valuing people and what they bring to relationships is missing these days.  Some people spend time “collecting” others to beef up their social media numbers thinking that volume gives them more credibility or a voice.  Odd.

Now, I’m connected to literally 1,000’s of people.  Here’s what’s different.  I do my best to reach out to folks and drop them a line, give them a surprise call, note what’s happening to them through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc.  These platforms can be used to truly connect people, but they are just a gateway.  The next step is up to you !!

So, I plan to keep connecting and meeting folks everywhere I can.  I hope that they want to reciprocate and be intentional as well.  When that happens, then you can see amazing things occur.  It also allows you to be sincere in making your connections link with others.

This week . . . let’s make “different” the norm.  Be intentional !!  You’ll love it !!

3 thoughts on “Knowing Others . . . On Purpose !!”

  1. Great post Steve. I don’t send any Linkedin requests without a personalized invitiation. I think SoMe can be so much more effective if the networing is acutally meanginful (just like traditional networking always has been); versus the instant gratification that comes with today’s light speed connections.

    Great post!

  2. Fantastic perspective…as always. I made a commitment at the beginning of this year that if someone requested a face-to-face meeting with me, I would honor that. I might not get back to a person right away, but I’m committed to make that happen. It’s opened up quite a few doors for me personally and professionally.

    I’m not afraid to “call people out” when I receive “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”. I always send a return saying, “thank you for the invite…how have we met or connected in the past”. Nine times out of ten they will explain how we met, talked or why they simply want to connect. Take the time to send me a personal note in the first place. I will accept your invitation everytime!

  3. I love this… First of all, it is wonderful you are taking the time with your son. We often get so caught up in business we let things pass us by. Stopping and dropping is important. I actually am leaving for 5 days tomorrow morning and not taking my laptop. THIS is a big step for me.

    The Linking and connecting thing is spot on. I remember being referred to Chip Ramsey for a Link by a mutual friend of ours and Chip immediately invited me to meet him face to face at an upcoming HRACO meeting. I, personally, do not Link with anyone I have not met. When I get an invitation I invite them to come to office, have a cup of coffee, and get to know one another a bit. I do the same thing when I ask to Link with someone I do not know personally. If they do not accept the invitation ~ or accept and do not show up! ~ I do not Link.

    And, for those of you out there making “appointments” to meet folks and try to establish a relationship ~ treat it as an APPOINTMENT. I actually had someone who wanted to Link with me stand me up for an appointment on Monday and when I contacted him later her emailed me back to say he was able to get an appointment to sell something and that was more important. Hmmmmmm… Obviously I will not Link with him.

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