A Positive State of Mind !!

Lately, the HR Blog world has had a negative vibe.  I understand that what we do in Human Resources can be challenging, frustrating and even overwhelming.  We are dealing with people.  I think it actually could be the definition of “human being.”

The other trend I’ve noticed is that most of HR is focused on fixing what’s wrong.  The real limitation of this is that the majority of the things that are truly “wrong” with people makes up only about 10% of the folks you work with.  However, that makes up 90% of our focus.  It results in programs, policies, and efforts that miss the best employees all together !!

Honestly, it tires me out.  Doesn’t it tire you out?  I try my best to be positive every day and in every situation.  Whenever I’ve brought this approach out, it gets looked at as being somewhat of a Pollyanna.  Someone who doesn’t recognize the reality of the swirl of day-to-day life and negativity that tries to swallow us whole.

Stay PositiveI don’t see positivity as a “way of life.”  I see it as a choice.  I can choose to fill myself with those things that are good and uplifting.  I can choose to surround myself with people who look for the best in themselves and in others.  I can choose to believe that EVERYONE has value !!  And, I can also choose to be positive with others when I interact with them.

Sure, that’s also challenging !!  I’m not naive.  In fact, I know that I’m probably seen as challenging to others, have had blue funk days, and am quite sure that I’ve disappointed others for a variety of reasons.  Having setbacks don’t lessen a positive outlook.  In fact, the ability to face the peaks and valleys of life is a necessity.  Again, you face a choice.

I’m going to look for, and highlight, #PositiveHR when I see it.  I think it’s time to turn the tide in the field and in Social Media forums.  It doesn’t mean we can’t be critical.  We should be. It doesn’t mean that things shouldn’t improve.  They should.  HOW those things are done is the difference !!

People want positive things around them and in their lives.  Everyday.  Honestly, they’re yearning for it personally and in their workplaces.  They’re especially looking for it in, and from, HR !!

You’re starting a new week.  I’m sure the week ahead is full of all kinds of opportunities and obstacles.  You have a choice.  Will it be positive ??  I can tall you what my approach will be.

6 thoughts on “A Positive State of Mind !!”

  1. I got one word for this post….BOOM!! I have been banging this drum for what seems like an eternity. Glad we’re in the same band Steve. #PositiveHR is a definite step in the right direction. Human-centric is profitable and screams competitive advantage. Dark clouds need not apply. Thanks for a great post!

  2. just shared on FB… “day not starting out well, all ready to post some kind of sarcastic comment to mask my bummed-outed-ness, then I read this…it applies to life as a whole, not just HR.” and linked to your article…thanks for giving me a new outlook!

  3. Outstanding! You are spot on!! I try to live this everyday. Each and everyone of us can make a positive difference in someone’s life everyday! Thank you Steve! I think you just have started the #PositiveHR movement!!

  4. Hi Steve,

    I like your upbeat approach and agree that people should have a positive attitude, but not necessarily as an acceptance of what exists, but positive and confident about their ability to contribute to making things better. They must believe that management is open to different views and an employee who thinks of something different is valued for thinking and, often, being creative – not frowned on for being a party pooper and not being a team player and sufficiently gung-ho.

    An environment where positivity is so emphasized that employees are afraid to question the status quo or appear at all critical is not healthy. If employees feel they have to play along with and pretend to be enthusiastic about everything it is in some ways a form of systemic suppression.

    If something is wrong (e.g. discriminatory hiring) or can better (e.g. performance management) it has to be addressed, by blog posts or in any other way. Extreme positivity can be a way of ignoring negative reality (e.g. extreme poverty, un/underemployment) that exists just beyond our own comfortable environment.

    Our world has to change, and the most positive evolution will be inspired by acknowledging what is wrong and could be better. Sometimes we must take action and take a position even though it may upset some people.

    Just my thoughts,

    Thanks – Ian

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