It Was 20 Years Ago Today !!

I’m very excited about Christmas coming this week !!  It is always an amazing time for faith, family, friends . . . and gifts.  This isn’t a post about the materialism of the season.  It’s about true gifts !!

You see, 20 years ago on Christmas day, my daughter was born.  I wrote about the miracle of her birth a few years ago.  It’s hard to believe that two full decades have passed.  Now, as a young woman, she continues to grow, flourish and amaze me.  She truly has been a gift to me and our family.

I consider myself very fortunate to be a father and enjoy every moment that I have with my daughter and son.  At the holidays, I think it’s important to reflect and be thankful for the important things in our lives.  My children DEFINITELY fall into this category.  I know that not all parent/child relationships are healthy, and that is unfortunate.  I wish that both parents and children would see the value in having each other in their lives !!

Gift GivingYou see, to me the best gift a person can give to others at Christmas, or any other time, is themselves.  That may sound idealistic in today’s cynical world, but I believe it to be true.

People are gifts !!  The opportunity we have is to look at each other that way, and also treat each other that way.  At Christmastime, we anticipate gifts and can’t wait to see what is hidden beneath the thin, colorful wrapping.  There is a tangible rush just to get beyond the wrapping to see what’s really inside.  I think that people are the same.  Just below the surface of safe introductions, small talk and demographic information, lies an untapped gift waiting to be taken in and enjoyed !!

I know that viewing people in this way may put you in the minority, but what a great group to be in.  It’s challenging and others will want you to walk away from this perspective, but don’t cave in.  Why not make this the norm versus the exception?

Here’s how you can get started . . .

During this holiday season, write someone in your life a note, a card, or even give them a call.  Let them know how much they mean in your life.  It may seem to come out of the blue, but it matters.  Be intentional about this and let folks know that they are the best gifts in your life !!

My life is only better because my daughter came into it twenty years ago on Christmas Day.  And, for the many friends and family members who read this blog, you are gifts to me as well.  The people in my life enhance it and that is something I treasure !!

I wish you all the best Christmas and holiday season you’ve ever had !!  May you be surrounded by “gifts” of those that love and cherish you for being in their lives, and may you be a gift to others !!

8 thoughts on “It Was 20 Years Ago Today !!”

  1. Hey Steve – is that an #HRMusicShare title you sneaked in there? Opening line to Sergeant Pepper 😉

    Happy birthday to your daughter. I took your advice in advance this year and experimented with lino cut for the first time. I cut a snowflake pattern and then printed 20 Christmas cards from it. The printing process means every card is a little different. So this year, a few folk received a one-off card from me. I’ve made my own cards in previous years too – I’m a huge fan of putting pen, pencil, brush to paper. Not just at Christmas, but throughout the year.

    Have a great Christmas Steve and family. I appreciate your support and friendship in 2013 and I hope it grows even more next year too. See you soon.

    Love – Doug

  2. I think it is the power of “positive” that will enable us to inspire and continually do more (sometimes with less) as we continue to rebound from the economic times. Today marked the last work day of my first year with an organization that I have found to be truly my professional “home” and it is because of the spirit of team I have encountered in my direct supervisor.

    Several years ago, I had my 3 greatest fears realized: I lost my Dad, my job of 30 years, and (having never gone more than 4 miles to work) had to commute daily to a local urban area for a position that paid considerably less. The greatest drain on my psyche part was the constant negativity as I had previously enjoyed a position where any one would have given any thing for a co-worker. As I approach the upcoming gatherings, I am hopeful again because of the people by whom I am surrounded. The best of the season to each of you; may you find what speaks to your heart.

  3. Steve, thanks for a great post and a a wonderful reminder. The real joy of Christmas is being a gift for others. I appreciate you.

    Tell your daughter I said Happy Birthday too!


  4. Steve – Your positive energy and important reminders never get old! I brought a newborn baby boy home on Christmas Eve eight years ago. He truly helped me realize that the gifts in my life are the people and not the things. I’m a firm believer that having enriching, fulfilling experiences with the important people in my life are far more satisfying than any material gift one could give me. Here’s wishing you and yours a happy holidays and great 2014!

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