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We’re getting closer and closer to another election season.  Even though this is a “light” year for elections locally, that doesn’t stop the candidates who are running for office from filling the airwaves with commercials. And, true to form, there are few candidates who say what they’re going to do.  Instead, they spend millions of dollars to smear their opponent.  People must feel it works because it gets worse the closer you are to the actual election day.

To me it seems similar to what I see from other bloggers in the “space” when they write about Human Resources.  People feel that if they continue to tear down HR, it will somehow get better.  I don’t follow the numbers and metrics of posts, including my own, but negativity must sell.  When I see posts that focus on division and separatism I get concerned.  Why would people want to work in a field that only wallows in things that are wrong?

I had toyed with the idea of seeking political office in the past and I determined back then that if I would ever run, I would only be positive. I think people should make choices on what you can bring and not focus on one and another’s faults.  Therefore, I am launching a campaign in support of HR !!

think, do, be positiveWhen is comes to HR, I am literally ALL in !!  It’s been my career of choice and I try to be active and visible through volunteer work, social media and speaking at events.  I only see HR growing and becoming more and more relevant in my organization and in many organizations across the globe.  There are creative and innovative people who are changing their approaches and their cultures to have workplaces where people can perform their best and move their organizations forward.

Here are the planks of my platform to share to make this campaign come to life !!

Be Others Focused

We are in the one profession that is built with a focus on other people.  Think of what a great opportunity that is !!  Seriously, you have a chance to work with people on purpose.  It’s built into your job and it needs to be the base of your thinking and approach every day.

Be Certified 

I refuse to continue to argue on one certification versus another.  Certification should be our ticket to moving ourselves, and the field, ahead.  The key to being certified is more than passing a test.  Having a professional certification gives you credibility and gives you the base on which to be a continuous learner and seek professional development.  We need to know HR to practice HR.  Take the time to get your letters and then build on your education from there going forward.

Be Connected

HR on its own is career suicide.  You will struggle if you aren’t connected to great people, great resources and great events.  Every time I read something, I look to learn from the author and their perspective.  When I find resources that help me do HR better, I share them with others.  Most importantly, when I go to events, I make sure to meet others to build my network in order to connect others.  We’re only better when we’re together as a profession.

So, can I count on your support ??  Will you join me in moving HR forward in a positive way ??  I would love to have you join in and stem the tide of negativity.  I know we can do it and am geeked to see what happens !!

I’m Steve Browne, candidate for the Campaign for HR, and I support this message !!

21 thoughts on “The Campaign for HR !!”

  1. Well done, Steve! I am “all in” and always have been! I too am passionate about advancing the HR profession.


  2. My name is Paul Hebert – and I support this post. Go Steve Go! You can count on me to support your platform. I am now a registered Browne-E – a supporter of Steve Browne!

  3. I am all in!! If you are in HR you should be passionate about advancing the HR profession.

  4. I join with you in moving HR “positively” forward.

    Your article made me think of the book by John Maxwell, “The Difference Maker”…and having a positive attitude.

    Awesome platform: Be others focused, Be certified, and Be connected. I agree on all 3.

  5. Steve, this is an absolutely great article on positivity. I love positivity. I do not wish to break anyone down, but to build – It is so much more rewarding. I join you in moving HR forward positively!

  6. As always, Steve, you rock. Driving to drop my kiddo at day care today I heard a negative policital radio ad and I thought, “how will I explain this ad to my daughter one day?” (She’s only 10 months so her stuffed toy was much more interesting.)

    If I may be bold and offer suggested addition: the future of positive HR depends on HR professionals giving back to their profession. Whether you donate, volunteer, or share your knowledge, giving back moves the HR profession forward. You are a great example of someone who volunteers to serve others through your chapter, state council, and region. As a SHRM Foundation staffer, I get the opportunity to work with volunteers who edit our complimentary reports, judge scholarship applications, and share their passion and ideas. Foundation donors allow us to deliver scholarships, publish educational resources, and further HR research. Giving, in any way, helps us all.

  7. At an event earlier this week I learned from a news reporter for a local Cincinnati paper that in order to get her article published she needed to mention at least 1 negative point. That’s how the paper shows “balanced” news. I’m not sure what’s so balanced about negativity, but that’s what they required.

    I am all on board with your Positive Campaign for HR!

    HR ProFile supports Human Resources ANY way we can- We work to constantly improve the employment process! Keep it up, we’re here for you! Positive is the way to be!

  8. Great vibe reading this article. And the emphasis on positivity, the passion and determination is really awesome. I know you said you don’t want to get into this subject, but I was wondering which HR certifications do you consider as the basic one, the ones that set the foundation and open doors? Thanks!

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